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Diane T

I'm so glad to see you working on this shawl again. I have a number of Sharon Miller's patterns in my stash and plan to pick one to start this year. Not "make" or "finish", I'll be happy just to get it started and feel comfortable with all the decisions that need to go into an undertaking of this size: what needles to use, which yarn, stitch swatches, markers, upsizing charts, etc. Sort of like what shoes, singlet, running shorts, heart monitor and water bottle to use for training!

I'm cheering you on in your knitting marathon.


Every time you guys update, I cheer! Keep going; you have friends lining the course and waiting at the finish line, too!


What great analogies! Thanks for demonstrating how one takes on these big projects with the right attitude.


hooray k! Yay, you sound so upbeat. That's great.
I think you are 100% correct on the stopping-when-you-are-tired recommendation. I have messed up on so many projects because I did not do that. Now I do. If I absolutely must keep knitting I have something simple handy to knit on, like a sock and a couple of simple scarves. But mostly I just put down the knitting when I'm too tired. Knitting "impaired" for even a few more minutes always results in long term fix-it sessions for me.


Thanks, everyone -- that encouragement *is* going to come in handy.


I know excactly how you feel. I'v been working on this shawl since 2004, dragging it with me through three countries... I don't think it's difficult either but the border definitely requires attention because the repeat is so long. The center is a lot more repetitive and it's easier to see mistakes but to continue the marathon metaphor, it's probably also the most likely place to hit the wall... But don't loose faith, I've just had a down period and seeing your progress makes me want to pick it up again!


Getting to know yourself while you knit an epic pattern is apparantly part of the process. Remembering that it's at least in part for the love of making that lace is another. Watching you allow yourself a break when you need one and setting a pace you can live with encourages everyone else to consider doing like-wise. I've picked my WRS back up too and I use Post-it Super Sticky Meeting Notes that I trim shorter to underline my rows (orginally 5&7/8 inches x 3&7/8 inches in size). Not too expensive and they stay put pretty well. I look forward to watching you make your own history!


I like your cookie sheet magnet board idea. My cheap row marker method is to put my pattern in a protective plastic sleeve & to use a strip of masking tape under or above the row. Of course you could alway just get a long magnet strip to mark your row & not worry about it wearing out.

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