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Dear K.,

I'm SO glad you're back at work!

I can't help with your big question: whether it is possible to knit those Paisley-type feathers nodding some to this side, some to that, without charting them out. I'm still in the middle of row 144, where I was when I broke my arm in late September. But I plan to return to my beloved Princess soon, and you will hear from me.

Cheers. Jean


Jean, I am very much looking forward to you taking up Princess again -- the more the merrier, I think, on this journey!

I only imagine that there are knitters out there who would be capable of knitting the paisley motifs on the fly -- I'm sure they must exist, but they are Not Me. I know I'm a long way from that portion of the chart, but it did strike me as something to mull over before I got there.


I have to say that I'm one of the people who did those 70 stitches automatically. Hadn't even thought about it until you mentioned it. About the paisley motif, I used page 8 in combination with chart number 3. Page 8 is not entirely correct, though, the top of the motif needs to be moved one stitch to the left. I think the worst part was actually the laurel leaf panel. My version of the chart has 2 rows too many (row 8+9) and it took me some time to work it out.


I would love to see an update on your Princess.
I have been knitting on the Lacey Handkerchief from Sharon Miller's book.

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