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Cambria W

try to breath, and then if that doesn't work I say throw it across the room. It works for me!


Just a note of encouragement and a Happy New Year to you....
in my experience, some projects just need to gestate on the needles awhile. Tantrums are par for the course of the one housing the gestatee.
Best wishes for a better 2007!


Oh, it is so pretty! Don't give up! Although I gotta admit, the needle join problem would have me insane... have you visited a shop owner for their recommendations?


Many thanks for the good thoughts -- I don't want to give up on it, but I really do seem to have developed a block. Looking at that photo of Ted's Princess from last spring really does inspire me to keep plugging, though!


Don't give up! I think you might just have needed a little break from knitting "Bitch Slap" lace. I'm hoping to kick-start my own knitting with smaller lace projects that will be easy to finish to prime myself to start back on my WRS from last year. As for needles, Feh I say. And again Feh. I just try to knit a little looser :-) Good Luck!


It's calling your name again isn't it! It's amazing how loud my projects can be sometimes.


I too have had needle trouble. What I did was take my Boye NeedleMaster tips (#3 and up) to a gunsmith and had them milled to fit KnitPicks cables. Then I gave him the smaller-sized KnitPicks (0-2) and had him beadblast the finish so it was not so slick. The surface is perfectly smooth, but more like anodyzed aluminum. You can decide how much of the tip you want blasted, too.
The KnitPicks joins are so smooth that they cannot catch yarn that is even 18,000 yards/pound. Seek my blog if you want to use my gunsmith.


Gorgeous knitting, by the way!

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