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I might need it spelled out. Maybe.

My head is already exploding looking at the charts. Perhaps I've bit off more than I can chew, lace-wise, with Princess.

Sigh. Problem is, I've been so busy the last couple of weeks, I've not had a quiet moment to sit down and just really work on it. I always do better with a project just jumping in and working, rather than just thinking about things ahead of time.

And if that's a lousy photograph, I'm just imagining how beautiful Princess is right now.


No head explosions! I don't want to get brains all over my Rose Trellis shawl!


Re: blocking this shawl - I've noticed that a lot of the Heirloom Knitting shawls are really large, larger than I would ordinarily ever wear (and yeah, I intend to wear the ones I knit - I don't have any freezer space!) Would it be an act of insanity to try to scale one down a bit?


I think it would be an act of insanity to try to scale down the Princess. It would be easier to design something similar from scratch.

Sharon and I had a little exchange of emails about these shawls made from really fine yarns, and she pointed out many of these complex garments were made for presentation or for competition -- so they may not have been intended for wear. Perhaps that's why some are quite large: you do see historical pictures of some draped on models and they trail on the floor.

The Rosebud isn't a large shawl. You could start with its centre and design your own borders out, so you'll get a shawl about as large as you want. Or you could work the Rosebud and add an extra pattern repeat on the borders, which would make a larger shawl.

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