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I will be using HK's gossamer merino for my Wedding Ring shawl. Lark's article is really invaluable though. I was sorely tempted by the silk but in the long run, I wanted something with a bit more loft to it.

I don't see myself knitting anything but shawls for the next year. I'm doing the Melanie now and I have a number of Sharon's shawls, plus a design I'm working on for my own handspun. Will we all ever make sweaters again?


k, I am working on the Wedding Ring Shawl using Sharon's gossamer silk. My "step down in intensity" project is a shawl using Skacel's merino laceweight so I have a nice compare/contrast going on despite the thicker nature of the merino.

The silk is smooth and slick and cool to the touch and I haven't had any problems getting the stitches to move over the join on my Inox needles. Also, I am very pleased with the drape -- such that it is through row 45 of the center section. I won't hesitate to use Sharon's silk for another project (and have stashed away another cone just for that purpose).

The Treenaway caught my eye too!


Mar, the "loft" factor was one of the reasons I chose the merino for Princess -- since it had been a long time since I'd worked lace this fine, I wanted that to help things out in the end.

But I was sorely tempted when I touched the gossamer silk. I think after working Princess, I'll be up to the silk. I hope.

Zooks, I'm pleased to hear you're using it and enjoying it. I'm a little intimidated by the silk, so I'm glad to hear of good experiences with it.

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