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The Other

Tut, tut. You sell yourself short, m'dear.

Not to take anything away from Ted, who is most definitely A Clever Boffin when it comes to ruminating about the ins and outs of lace deconstruction -- but I have first hand knowledge that you too do your share of cogitating in the face of The Princess.

There are days when The Other can't hear himself think (perhaps not such a bad thing in itself...) over the noise of the gears whirling in Herself's head as she puzzles out this or that aspect of what's been knit or what's to be knit.

A process that's often fueled by intuitive analysis rather than research and rigour, but nonetheless solidly based on much practical knitting experience and therefore a well informed intuition.

In the end, it's a yin-yang kind of thing, dontcha know. The dry, technical approach balanced by the wide-eyed amazement at the sheer beauty (and difficulty) of the lace itself.

Kinda like Spock and Captain Kirk... OK, maybe not the best example, but you get the drift.

Now, beam me up Scotty -- there's no sign of intelligent life down here!

Yr fthfl srvnt,



Watch those comments about intelligent life or lack thereof, or I'll set the phaser to stun.


Oh, wait. Too late.


Oh. Oh. If Ted is the analytical one, then that makes me -- William Shatner.

The horror of it all.




...wonder if one could spin tribble fur?

The Other

You could, but it wouldn't be worth the trouble...

nyuk nyuk



Actually, it makes you Captain Kirk. I always thought he was pretty hot. I thought that Jean Luc Pickard was hot, too, until I saw Patrick Stewart in "Jeffry". After that, everytime I saw Star Trek:TNG I couldn't stop giggling.

I agree with T.O. And I've been telling you as much since I've known you.

BTW, just so you know for when The Kidnappers release you, row 8 of the border is a really nice one to work.


Aw, c'mon, didn't anyone laugh?

I'm working up to picking up the stitches. Need to decide if I continue on with the ball of yarn attached to the edging (the one I started with), or if I join in a new ball. New ball will go farther, meaning I can put off figuring out how I'm going to join in the third one until later. Also means that these ends will end up in a spot that might be better for working them in.

Can't decide. That's what's got me stalled, if the truth be known.


That's when you land on a planet and ask the beautiful daughter of the civilization's leader to show you how.

I'd like to see Ted's ears to see if they've become pointy.


But the real question is, can he do the mind meld thing?

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