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The Other

S'whatcha get for Talking To The Driver While The Counting Is In Motion.

After all, The Other is easily distra... Hey, didja see that? Over there, outside the window... um, where was I again?

Oh, yeah... "One, two, many..." And Herself says I can't count.

The Other would also like to point out that he does rather know something about buying pointy sticks, though mainly for flinging from his bow at paper archery targets trying to turn them into "Oooo, pretty, lace!". With varying degrees of success...

So how hard could it be for The Other to walk into the Store Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken and buy an Inox circular deuce and a quarter that's at least 100 cm long?

Piece of cake... (er, perhaps not the best phrase to use with Herself, since we've seen the Billy Crystal movie "Forget Paris" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113097/ )

Yr fthfl srvnt,



Um...mailorder? I've heard that it's often reliable.

I'm using whatever brand of needle I'm using (Inox?) and am having problems with stitches sticking at the join of the cable and the needle. In fact, griping the needle in my right hand, using the left to shove the stitches past the join, resulted in a near blister on my right index finger on Sunday.

Somewhere, Sharon writes about using a dusting of talcum powder on the hands...something about how it'll help the stitches slip along the needle. I'm wondering if it'll help with getting them over the join.

It has me wondering, though, how I knitted lace on size 1.5mm circulars, because I don't remember this problem when I was working those damn doilies. (?)


I had thought about mail order, then figured I'd just get them in that length locally, but Cloth and Clay was sold out. So now I'm at the point of wanting to work on it, and don't want to wait for mail order.

But I was planning on getting an Inox. So much for solving the problem of getting the stitches over the join.

In my case, it's so bad that I can't actually knit. I've set it aside again, because it was turning into a huge struggle.

I've never had this problem before. Never.

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