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You know, I remember one of my teachers -- Rev Rosalyn L. Bruyere -- saying that as you get older, your brain is less wired for combat than it is for meditation and daydreaming. I'd wondered about that a lot at the time. I can see it now in me, though. If I really have to concentrate on something, I have to do it with no background noise. If I have to really listen to what someone is says, I have to shut my eyes or I'm too easily distracted by visual stuff.

I hope you don't mind, but I think I'm going to slow down my working of the lace edging. It's really weird, but all of a sudden I'm thinking I should be working on some other things for a bit. Like the 2 spinning projects, or the lace stole I've been mulling over for a couple of months. I can't explain what's happened. Seriously, you'd think I'd run into some sort of subliminal message about it all.


I actually got an email from the bus knitter, so I feel I should clarify -- she said it was the border and not the edging she was taking with her in her travels, and that the border is actually much easier to work, with memorizable repeats and suchlike. I can't tell you how much better this make me feels, and how relieved that it should get easier after being challenging. Almost like getting your favorite dessert after having to eat meatloaf for dinner.

But still, I think you should go with that feeling to work on other things right now.


(I almost hate to ask how many repeats of the edging you've done...)


Interesting post about attention. We recently went to the symphony and I found I couldn't listen with my eyes open...too much distraction watching all that bow work with the string instruments up front! Of course, my son leaning over to whisper, "are you awake" didn't help much.

I've also recently started working the suduko puzzles in the Sunday paper for mental gymnastic work. (I'm too lazy to begin learning crossword puzzle vocabulary!)
However, my copy of Sharon's Wedding Ring Shawl arrived in the mail today...more mental and digit-al (as in fingers, not electronics) gymnastics!


I'm glad the bus knitter wrote that -- about the border being easier than the edging. I was wondering about that. (I like meatloaf, though.) She must come from a place with much smoother roads we have: I can't imagine bouncing down Highway 10 on the Greyhound to Toronto working on the border of the Princess. Socks are enough of a challenge.

I've worked 24 repeats of the edging. If I've done the math correctly in recalculating the knit-up rate of the border stitches, I'm just over 1/3 finished the edging.


So does that mean you're working more than 85 repeats of the pattern?

Well. I'm at twenty, but I worked two yesterday in my "practice" yarn to try to illustrate a point I was thinking about this week. I feel better, I was worried you were lightening years ahead of me.

(No, it's not a race.)

So, you are going to enlighten me/us about the recalculated knit-up rate, right?

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