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What!? Are we selling "Princess Diaries" T-shirts now? Maybe we'll make enough that both of us could go to NYC. (I think I'd be happy to go to Rhinebeck in October.)


No, I just thought the word cloud was a neat thing, but the only generator is on the t-shirt site.

Hmm. But now that you mention it, the Holy Grail that is Rhinebeck is on my One Day When I Have Money list.

(I'd probably have a melt-down at Rhinebeck.)


Rhinebeck is about a 12 hour drive from Guelph, I imagine. Not counting getting across the border. I doubt you'd have a melt-down. You'd probably just be completely overwhelmed and lapse into mental paralysis, as I expect I would. Hell, I have problems in Romni Wools.


I have the same problem in Romni -- there's just Too Much to take in. That's what I suspect Rhinebeck would be like.

Though a 12 hour drive. Whoah.


Oh come on, you wooses. Believe me, the drive is worth it. I would drive the 12 hours.

I liked the word cloud so I did one for my site. Hmmmm. I think I use too many expletives. But then, that's me. I think a t-shirt would be rather funky.

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