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Danny Ouellette

Thanks for posting that diagram Ted. I was trying to figure out how this was made!

For some reason, my looking at the picture made me think it was a square shawl, folded in half. But that just didn't seem right.

I like how this in constructed. Gives me some ideas of things to try. When I have copious free time that is!

Happy knitting, hope the snow has stopped, and hope you are feeling better K.


I promise you I will look at the numbers this weekend. A cursory scan makes me think they are correct; however, I don't do cursory as a final result.


Speaking as one who has FINISHED the edging --

I was well more than half way through before I mastered it. But eventually I did. In early September last year, I had a second cataract operation, which proved slower and more laborious (for the surgeon) than the first one had, in June.

I amused myself, under the knife, by reciting the edging pattern to myself in my head, using Amedro's notation: "cast" for YO, "take" for K2tog.

I couldn't do it now. But, now, I am 30 rows forward with the border. And both eyes are in fine shape.

Knit on! Jean


You know Jean, I was amazed that you were working on this what with the cataract surgery, and now that I'm working it myself, I'm truly in awe.

I *think* that I've finally got the edging down. I'll probably get slapped down by the Universe for saying that. I'm not sure when it happened, probably around 15, 17 repeats in, but all at once it just clicked. It was such a great feeling when that happened.

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