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Well worth the wait, after reading the hint you dropped in December.

As a vicarious knitter (mostly), I'll be reading the blog with great interest. Who knows, it may even spark a real project on my part.

Danny Ouellette

Congratulation and let me say, you two are insane, but in the nicest way. One day I aspire to this level of insanity!

Got here from Ted's blog. I'm a friend of his, and only wish I could knit lace half as well as he does. Ah well, just gotta practice more!

Good luck and I look forward to seeing all the progress over the year.


Hey, Danny -- you would probably know me to see me, as I occasionally come out to the DKC meetings -- I may be at the January one, in fact. If I am, I'll haul the shawl (er, the edging) along with me.

And believe me, after starting knitting yesterday, I'm realizing that insanity is, quite possibly, putting it mildly.

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