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Yuh-huh. I did the math for sizing this morning and had the same "What the . . . ?" reaction. And figured it had to be me doing something stupid.

But it ain't. The pattern is bizarre.

Yup. It's hard to break out of the habit of blaming one's self, especially when math is not one's best subject, but it really does have some problems.

I've decided to start mine now, since I'd like to have it for the fall, and I'm making detailed notes as I go along. I'll post them here, but if you were planning to have a klaralund-along page...

Hey I was just told by someone you had sizing issues with Klaralund too!!

I also cast on 94 sts for the 44" size after I knitted about five inches of it. (Yes, I am guilty of using my sweater as my gauge!)

What are you going to do regarding the arms??? I haven't got that far yet, but I may have to rethink this before I continue. I am doing it in Kureyon instead of Silk Garden (got gauge of 17sts per 4" too). I know it won't be as drapey as SG... We shall see.

My copy of Book #2 is currently sitting on e Bay awaiting my winning it. I have a ton of Silk Garden here that would be perfect, but it sounds like I'm in for a tough go. Wendy e-mailed the designer regarding the bizarre sizings, and I am looking forward to reading the response, if any.

Thank you for posting this, as it will save me hours of heartbreak.

Thanks for doing the math and saving me from a knitting disaster. I tend to notice these problems after rather than before knitting.

And good on you to say it's the Pattern not You that's in error.

Where did you get the book anyway? They didn't have it at Romni when I was there Saturday.

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