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Danny Ouellette

Hiya you two. Glad to hear your computer / scanner are back and working Ted!

I quite like the 2mm sample. This is going to be some great looking shawl!

Thanks for the tip on getting the needle tips through for decreases. I was having the same trouble on my last project. I did do the pull down method. The other thing I would do would be put the needle into the last stitch of the ones being decreased, to open it up a little. One or both were usually enough to get the job done.

Great idea for blocking the samples! I may have to try that with next project. I'm trying out a lace scarf and bookmarks made from handspun singles. It'll be lots of fun!

Have a good week and happy knitting you two!


Er. Samples? Sample.


I'm being coy about the yarn for the moment.

I'm working on a translation of the recipe. Seriously, they are so good it's not funny. They're going into my repertoire for next Christmas for sure.


P.S. That is so beautiful. Seriously, wondrously beautiful.


Oh wow, there's nothing prettier than a beautiful lace edging. Looks fantastic, Ted!

I'm working the Melanie on #1 US needles. Please don't ask me what the metric is because I never remember and I don't have the needles near me. I refuse to learn metric. However, I prefer knitting on the smaller rather than larger needles for lace. And for most every knitting project, really. I seldom go higher than a 5 U.S.


Very nice. And I'm glad to see that a scanner can be used for knitting photos.

You really should expand your Italian to include menu Italian as well as music notation. Italian food can be very good. Key pronuniation thing ci or ce is pronounced like an english ch. Ch is pronounced like an english k. There is no sh in bruschetta.


Absolutely gorgeous...thanks.

I am about to cast on for the border for the Brora Black shawl from Jamieson & Smith and I am anxiously awaiting your next post as to how you cast on. On my last shawl, I hated the way it looked when I tried to Kitchener the last row to the cast on edge and, as that shawl is now in a ball in a bag somewhere (through no fault of its own), I'd like to prevent a recurrence. (I'll eventually revisit it but fear it will mean knitting the entire edge on again).

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