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Bloody hell, that's clever.

I shall be getting back to Princess this week. I'm going to try this out, as it's just brilliant.


What a great idea for grafting in pattern! Thanks for explaining and sharing.


Excellent tip! I used to machine knit, so using waste yarn is old hat for me. However, I've rather gotten out of the habit the past ten years with my hand knitting.

Suggestion: Do this up as a .pdf and publish it in the sidebar, please, please? If you don't have a .pdf distiller, I'll do it for you.


Most illuminating. I have always wondered how this was properly done. The books I have mostly just say "and then the end is grafted to the beginning" and leave it at that.


I'm thinking you are going to regret Waste 2 being tan. Red might have been a better option for visibility. Great tip though I think you've mentioned it on the list before.


What a wonderful tip - I'm just beginning in lace and have worried (in advance) about grafting edgings. I like the idea above about putting this in a .pdf file ... but just in case, I'm saving the text. :-) Thanks for being so thorough in your presentation!

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