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Yay! Any spinning is good spinning and to fill a spindle is a huge accomplishment!

Congrats! :) I was a little annoyed by a squeaky hinge on my wheel, but I think I've fixed it and am enjoying whisper quiet spinning again.

If I haven't said it before (and so I don't forget later), thanks for hosting this. I'm enjoying this challenge and spinning along with other people working on their own challenges.

I just wrapped off my first spindle of a camel/silk blend. It is for the neck handkerchief that was in Spin Off Winter 2007. I never actually joined because I thought I would be too busy to get spinning for this project. Seems I have found the urge to get back to my spindles, though. Thank you for the inspiration.

I am a little over halfway! I reached halfway on July 14. I am really hoping I can finish in time. Thanks for inspiring me to try my "good" stuff and not be too scared to touch it, I'm having lots of fun.

I've made a goal! I was trying for two decently plied skeins, and I have them. One is about to go into a bowl of tea for a dying experiment. And I'm over halfway through the next chunk of fluff on the wheel.

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