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Yay! Day one! Perfect time to put my new wheel together and start on my goal(s). Way to go on adjusting your strategy due to injury! :)

I do hope your shoulder heals quickly and allows you to join in the spinning as much as you'd like to as well, BUT! I do completely understand the want for organization! Great goal!

I am coming late to the party due to a technical difficulty (as in, I couldn't find how to comment/sign up properly before!). Is it too late to add my name to the sidebar? Last year I spun along with my Golding spindle. This year, I've got goals for me and my WHEEL! Yay!

Thanks so much!


No problem, Heather -- the list of participants is on the main page (http://www.tourdefleece.com), and I've added you in.

This site has grown a little unwieldy, for sure, but it was built before my Tech Guy really knew how to put all this stuff together on Typepad. It all kind of works in the end. :-)

Hope your shoulder feels better, I'm spinning along, glad for a challenge to get some yarn produced.

Haven't had a chance to blog it yet - I've spun about 1.8 ounces - 1/2 of a two ply. Hope to finish it tomorrow. :)

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