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I have been spinning! But much like you life has gotten in the way. 7/4 I spent the day adn nite in the hospital with my wife and so we are now doing teh slow going route. Which means yes spinning, but not as much as I want.

I spent this weekend driving her to her folks. So basically no spinning on weekends. But I have been watching and spinning when I can. Pics up tonite or tomorrow I hope on the blog.


I must have had my calendar set wrong, because I totally missed the start date! Just caught some of le tour de France on tv and realized what I ditz I've been! Is it too late to sign up? I'd like to get 30-45 min of spinning in each day, and try to build up my stash. Oh, and I hope your shoulder heals soon!


Nope, not too late to sign up -- I'll take care of everything once I'm caught up from my 'net outage!

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