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Ten minutes is good! Continue to be wise and take care of your shoulder!

Yeah, that domino effect caused me to add one more project to my list! I need to also finish some Corriedale Crown Mountain pencil roving to get it off the bobbins in order to do the other projects. If I get off the computer, I can get some spinning in before I head to work this afternoon!

I did some organizing yesterday too. Tonight I can actually card and blend wool and mohair in autumn colors. I'll go slow with hand cards, but I'll get the carding machine cleaned up for more work later on.

I was doing ok last night until my new wheel had a small issue. Hopefully I can fix it tonight and finish the yarn I'm workin' on. I agree - 10 minutes is better than no minutes! :) Take care of you!

10 minutes is great! As you say better a little time than forcing the issue and not being able to spin. I spent the first day at a friends house (hmmm...ribs) but didn't get to work with my silk and handspindle. I did get about 1.5 ozs of singles done on the wheel I took with me. This morning I got up, pulled out the bottom-whorl spindle and silk.....voila! I know the basics of bottom-whorling. Every other time I've tried one it hasn't worked for me. Today must have been "The Day" for me. Now to learn the neat tricks and how to spin from a silk hankie. Gotta go read those websites I have bookmarked. Y'all have fun.

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