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Thank you VERY much, Katherine, for sponsoring Le Tour De Fleece. Despite all odds, thanks to your incentive (and the fact that I got well enough just in time combined with the fact that I hate to let anything be left undone), I finished! Additionally, in honor of the completion, I broke down and bought a new camera. A picture of my green yarn is posted on my blog.

Of course (with a rueful giggle, I might add), I do mention that since I have completed all of the green, now I have to start spinning 20 ounces of the coordinating pink that I will need before weaving the shawl that this project will eventually become.

Spinning. No matter how much we complete, there's always more - lol!

Thank you Katherine for providing a Prix de la Combativité 2008 badge!

I had to be away from my wheel for most of the past week set my pace way back and so the final sprint to the finish line was longer than anticipated. An hour of steady pumping brought me close but not quite there. A dilemma of how to pack on the last .5 oz or so - of singles to be plyed, onto the stuffed bobbin was the hurdle that stopped my wheel.

Thank you so much Katherine, I had a great time doing this AND thinking of fun ways to blog it. I crossed the finish line this morning at the same time as Gert Steegmans, and felt so elated and proud. This adventure has renewed my interest in spinning, I even spun more this afternoon, just for fun.
Great inspiration you are.

Merci beaucoup!!! That's the limit of my French, but I too want to offer my thanks for hosting this Tour! I have used my wheel more in the last 2 weeks than in the previous 6 months, and I have lots of beautiful 2 ply to show for it. I finished the one pound bundle of alpaca/silk and a couple of smaller mounds of various other fiber mixes. I am so pleased! Throughout the Tour I averaged more than an hour a day, so my goal was accomplished too. Now the trick is to keep spinning at that commitment!

I can't thank you enough for getting me behind my wheel!

If it wasn't for you and the Tour de Fleece, I might have spun once every couple of months - and I'd still be horrible. Instead, I spun singles and I plied, something I would never have attempted if I hadn't been spinning every day.

Thanks to you, I'm spinning so much better that I actually made something with the yarn I spun (and I did call it YARN!). If I had a blog page, I'd certainly take the maillot jaune because my goal was to spin even, usable yarn and I did just that.

Thanks a million!

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