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Thank you, again, for putting this together. It has been my first Tour and it was most enjoyable. I haven't sent photos, but they are posted on my blog. http://thekniterella.blogspot.com

You're most welcome, Kim -- your Briar Rose Merino is a beautiful colour, and turned out really nicely!

1 more ounce to spin, & then 8 ounce to ply. Considering even as late as yesterday I was so sick that doctors wanted to hospitalize me, I'm flabergasted at my progress. I'm going to finish today.

Sadly, never replaced my camera during the process so I don't know if I'm going to get to post pictures or not. But I assume you'll trust us if we say that we're done, right?

Well, I met my challenge and spun every day. The results: very sore arms in the early days of the tour, piles of dirty laundry by day six, and 38 oz. of yarn to show for it by day 20 -- soooo worth it ;) I'll try to keep the momentum going and look forward to next year's challenge. Merci beaucoup, Katherine.

I finished last night and put up a picture this morning - http://threadoryarn.blogspot.com/2008/07/tour-de-fleece-finished.html

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