Baker's Dozen Sock-o-meter

  • Four pairs now.

Project 365 Photos

  • om 11 november 2007

  • laundry 9 november 2007

  • snow 8 november 2007

  • red 7 november 2007

  • frost 6 november 2007

  • filmis 5 november 2007

  • ten
    (pic by The Other)
    4 november 2007

  • pump it up 3 november 2007

  • self-portrait with The Other 2 november 2007

  • lace 1 november 2007

  • handspun 03 october 2007

  • packed 02 october 2007

  • busy 01 october 2007

  • pumpkins 30 september 2007

  • bonfire 29 september 2007

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Wow - you really nailed the "always leave your audience wanting more" exit. I wish you a joyful discovery of whatever it is you are seeking, and look forward to keeping up with you on purl diving.

Good for you. I started reading knitting blogs and have found so many interesting writers, you being one of them. I always follow the links in blogs as far as possible in order to expand my knowledge of the world. Don't *I* sound stuffy? What that meant is, that although I knit, I also don't define myself just as a knitter and am always interested in what others have to say, from the personal to the philosophical to the silly. Will be keeping up with you in your new area and hoping you will keep me up-to-date on all new Indian movies, music, and hearthrobs, as well as anything that captures your interest.

Best wishes for a fascinating year.

I'm not a knitter either.

::sniff:: Well...::sniff::I mean...::sniff::How could you!?::sniff::

Okay, I've updated the links on my blog to point to 42point1.

Just have some fun with it, willya!

Thanks, all.

And have fun? Have fun? Okay, better put that on the list for this year.


Enjoy life! All best wishes and thanks for the blog entertainment over the years.

oh -- just saw this and will miss you, but of course will continue to find you on Ravelry, hopefully still your podcasts, and your 42.1!

Thank you.
I'm glad I've got my towel.

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