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Oh dear. I am glad you are well except for some cuts. You are right, this could have been way worse. That's why I am a sissy and don't like putting glass in the oven at all. Actually, I don't use glass baking dishes. Or pots. No, siree.

I also have never used a pressure cooker, though my Mom assures me that when handled correctly, there's no danger at all. Being me, I'd rather cook for a couple of hours longer than living in fear of exploding - oops, disintegrating - cookware.

Does that make me a lesser person? ;-)

I don't have a lot of glass bakeware (and one less, now), but I'll be getting rid of what's left.

Oddly enough, I don't use the glass pans very often, but this one was just the right size for the veg. I *almost* used a second metal pan, but changed my mind.

Interesting that you mention the pressure cooker -- I resisted them for many, many years, and only bought one when I was in France, because they *are* much improved. Oh, yes, you can still get inexpensive ones that don't have the newer safety features, but if you invest the money in one of the very good ones, they *are* very safe.

I now own three of them. I'm fairly careful with them, and do trust the safety features. But I will confess that when I need to blow the pressure off, I turn the valve quick and get out of the way.


And there's lots of stuff the pressure cooker just doesn't do well, especially if you need the kind of flavour you can only get from having something simmer for hours.

Mind you, it's great for steamed potatoes and lentil soup.

Pictures of the aftermath and a link to the article with the comments from one of the manufacturer's VPs are on my blog.

And I'm *really* thankful that K wasn't injured in the incident.


Funny, sounds like the exact same situation as mine.
Here's the link to the post I made last December...same month too...hmmmm

Holey, moley. And here I thought this was going to be a rare occurrence, and there just seem to be more and more incidents.

Near as I can figure, the glass must have experienced some kind of temperature shock when I opened the oven door. Okay, the kitchen is cold, but still. And they claim you can go from freezer to oven and suchlike, which would make me nervous.

I wish I'd had the foresight to take pictures before we started cleaning up.

And I'm glad to hear you weren't hurt, either.

Wow. That is crazy. I may have to throw out some glass baking pans.

Yup. I'm going to be encouraging anyone I know who has them to get rid of them.

Wow! I'm glad you're okay, Katherine. It could have been catastrophic.

Note to self: no more Pyrex until this issue is addressed to the customers' satisfaction.

Thanks, Mark.

You would not believe how many exploding Pyrex stories have been shared with me this week. I'm thinking the whole situation merits a bit more investigation.

Wow. Or not so wow. I saw the photo's at "the other's" blog, and you are right on -- how lucky you were. It's very scary -- so many of us use Pyrex and have used Pyrex for years, so this is not fun to see or read about. Thankfully it wasn't worse. M

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