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Dear Katherine,

I know exactly how you feel as someone who had and still has to deal with frequent eye troubles. I have spent about 10 years having infections the doctor couldn't figure out where they came from and - though I didn't go blind - I lost a goodly percentage of my vision in my right eye due to scarring on the cornea.

Whining in this case is called for - since, as I know too well - there's not much else one can do. Reading, knitting even watching TV are out of the question.
I do hope you'll feel better very, very soon!!

Oops, I didn't mean to worry you about your doctor's appointment tomorrow. I am sure everything will be alright!! (so much for my empathic skills. not really there, I fear...)

No worries -- the reason I was sent to get it checked out is to make sure we head anything off now.

So far, the best guess is that the antibiotic drops are clearing up the infections, but I'm allergic to the preservatives in them, so that dries and irritates my eye, and when I'm done with the drops, it sets up perfect conditions for the infection to re-occur.

Sigh. I have to flush my eye out with drops that have no preservatives in them for a month, and then we'll see if that helps.


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