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  • om 11 november 2007

  • laundry 9 november 2007

  • snow 8 november 2007

  • red 7 november 2007

  • frost 6 november 2007

  • filmis 5 november 2007

  • ten
    (pic by The Other)
    4 november 2007

  • pump it up 3 november 2007

  • self-portrait with The Other 2 november 2007

  • lace 1 november 2007

  • handspun 03 october 2007

  • packed 02 october 2007

  • busy 01 october 2007

  • pumpkins 30 september 2007

  • bonfire 29 september 2007

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Don't be sorry. We'll all survive. And we have next year's calendar to look forward to.

Well, there's sorry and there's sorry -- partly I'm sorry because I had enjoyed doing it, and was thinking about doing it this year. That's okay, I think.

No worries, I won't be beating myself up over it (which is the bad kind of sorry).

It's just turned into such an interesting few months.

Is this not the wisdom that comes with getting a wee bit older? I'll miss the calendar, but it's good that you won't be getting the Christmas Crazies (what my family calls it).

December?? Already?!?! egads

Exactly, Aarlene. Egads sums it up nicely. I just don't know where the time has gone the last few months.

"Christmas Crazies" -- heh heh heh. That's a good term. Yup, I refuse to give in to that.

Fortunately, the balls I'm juggling these days are things I'm quite happy about, even if it meant taking the decision to back off of the advent calendar.

Next year or even another year will be fine. As I get older I quite like having things far ahead to look forward to and yes I too cannot bear the Christmas Crazies (said from the heart from someone who will be moving house after 28 years in one home either on 21st December or 28th December!) Have a restful Christmas time.

In case anyone wants an advent knitting fix I found this:

and this

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